Saturday, July 18, 2009

University of Texas 2003

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm watching Comcast. They are showing a Texas vs Texas Tech Football Game from November 2003. Texas had on offense, Vince Young, Cedric Benson, Roy Williams. Do you remember this team? They were nasty! What about in the Pros? It's fun for me to look back at guys who tore College Ball up and, well, did nothing in the NFL.

  • Vince Young- Then? First Round Pick. The future of the Tennessee Titans. Now? Backup QB. Looking for a new job. BUST.
  • Cedric Benson- Then? First Round Pick. The next great back for the Bears. Now? After finding himself in trouble for numerous things he has found a starting role with the Bengals, and to be honest...did not suck last year.
  • Roy Williams- Then? First Round Pick. Detroit's savior at WR. Now? One Pro Bowl season, traded to the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. Jury is still out.

It's always fun to reminisce on the past. I'm sure there were other players on those teams worth taking a look at, but I gotta go eat with my dad. Any ideas on teams with lots of players that had impact?

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