Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do You Smell That?

Just wanted to write a couple things about what's going on these days. Nothing specific.
  • The T.O. Show sucks. Completely fabricated. Scripted. Sucks.
  • Spanish "sensation" PG Ricky Rubio has decided to leave his club in Spain to play in the NBA. In my opinion, this guy has BUST written all over him...or can you say El Bust.
  • The tape of Lebron James getting dunked on was released. To me, not a big deal. I've seen worse (See Dwight Howard dunking on Tim Duncans face, or Vince Carter dunking on some poor foreign kid in the 2000 Olympics...seriously go find these dunks and watch over and over...actually now that I think about it go find Howard's and Carter's dunks throughout their career and watch over and over again.)
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates traded another starter. Adam LaRoche to the Red Sox. 5th starter this season.
  • NFL Training Camps start next week. YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
  • The Yankees took the lead in the A.L. East after Boston dropped another game to Texas.
  • Steelers QB Ben Roelthisomething is being accused of rape from a women in Nevada. At this point it seems like a strange case and could get stranger as it goes on. It has been two days since the story broke and ESPN has not even mentioned it. Weird. They said its because they don't report stories where criminal charges have not been filed. That's a lie (See Marvin Harrison, New England Patriots cheating scandal, Roberto Alomar, etc. etc. etc.).

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