Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Michael Vick

One of the things I want to be able to do on this blog is take the big sports story of the day and just give my opinion on it. I'm hoping it will open up dialogue between people who either share the same opinion or disagree. Today I just want to comment on Michael Vick, and his release from federal custody for dogfighting charges.

I think NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell needs to let Vick play. He did his time, paid for his mistakes, and now it's time to let him move on. Goodell has no right to punish him further. He is not above the law. Which gets me thinking, how great would it be if Goodell found himself in legal trouble. Do you think he would man up like he wants the players to do and accept whatever punishment he would get, or do you think he would try to finagle (sp?) his way out of trouble and try to avoid the public backlash. My guess is the latter. He does not seem like the kind of guy that would be fair if the circumstances fell out of his favor...but I digress. Back to Vick. Even though I don't really care if a team signs him or think he will be any good if he can get back onto the field, I think he does deserve to have the chance to get his job back. Goodell needs to lift the ban and let him take a shot at free agency. America loves comeback stories. And they love sports. This is the perfect chance for a comeback story of epic proportions. And Goodell could be apart of it. He could have the chance to say "I allowed the world to forgive Michael Vick and let him play in the NFL" or something cheesy like that as long as he gets to take some credit for Vick's image reinvention. Imagine if Vick can get signed by a team, show to the public he is a changed man, and find a way to throw or catch the game winning Super Bowl Touchdown. That would be redemption. And we love redemption.

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