Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Star Game, Baseball

I just got home from work, I've missed 7 innings of the All-Star game, which I love to watch. I turned it on in time to see that great catch by Carl Crawford. Also, glad to see my boy Adam Jones (NOT Pacman) is in the game. Special baseball events (i.e. All-Star Game, World Series) always stir up the conversation of late start times. I personally do not care how late these games start. I know everyone says things like "Well, if it starts to late then the kids won't be able to watch it and they are the future of baseball" as well as other arguments. It is definitley a good argument but I personally don't care. When I have a kid (fingers crossed for a son) I'll let him stay up as late as he wants to watch any sporting event. In my mind, one late night every now and again is not going to ruin his future. So, all I'm saying is who cares how late these games start, I'll be letting my kid watch.

All-Star Game update- Victor Martinez intentionally walked...Adam Jones coming to the plate...Curtis Granderson on third with one out....hope my boy can hit the go-ahead RBI...sacrifice fly, Baltimore's Adam Jones hit it to deep right and allowed Granderson to score. 4-3 A.L. in the eigth. Good job Jones.

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