Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fear of Tim Tebow

I've been watching a little bit of SEC media day, and the coaches and players comments on various things. A very funny thing has been occuring. There was a report that Florida QB Tim Tebow was not a unanimous selection for the Pre-Season All-SEC Team voting. And it turned out that one coach voted against Tebow. So the speculation went crazy, as to who was crazy enough not to vote for him. The first question every reporter had to the coaches was "Were you the coach who did not vote for Tebow?" Every coach said "no" except one. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier was the "culprit" who did not vote for Tebow. He immediately placed the bame on someone who filled out his ballot, and said that it was a huge mistake and eventually changed his vote to Tim Tebow. Really, who cares? It's a pre-season vote. If Tebow gets injured for the season, then it won't matter anyway. But the funny thing occured as all the coaches answered the question. They all seemed scared. Here were a whole group of well respected, some legendary, grown college football coaches. And these guys were obviously scared of making Tim Tebow mad! Even Spurrier, made sure it was known that what had happened was an honest mistake and he would be changing his vote. So a 20 something year old boy, has found a way to scare the crap out of the SEC coaches. Ridiculous.

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