Monday, July 13, 2009

MLB All-Star Game

I love the MLB All-Star Game. Every part of it. The home run derby is fun to watch. The celebrities game is fun to watch. The actual All-Star Game is fun to watch. This years game should be fun to watch because of a few things. It's being held in St. Louis so there will be A LOT of Albert Pujols, the BEST player in the majors, and one of those guys who will go down as an all time great. He is even participating in the Home Run Derby, which is like Kobe Bryant being in the Slam Dunk Contest. Plus Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard is from St. Louis, so he will be looking to put on a show in the Derby and in the game. I'm also looking forward to watching Zach Greinke pitch. Playing for the Royals, I don't get many opportunities to watch him, so I'm looking forward to that. Should be a good fun break for everyone (especially Orioles fans, like myself, so I can forget how bad my team is), regardless of people's opinion on whether or not they like the fact that the game counts for home-field advantage in the World Series. So kick back, and enjoy the game, it's supposed to be fun, don't forget that.

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