Monday, November 2, 2009

The Day After Yesterday...

Couple of things I think about yesterday's NFL games....

1. Derek Anderson is awful. In his last three games he is 19 for 53. Can you bench him though? I mean, is Brady Quinn any better? What about Eric Mangini? That guy isn't much better as a coach. The Browns are a mess, and I feel bad for them because they have a great loyal fan base.

2. Is Chicago any good? Maybe they are. Maybe they just haven't hit their stride yet. I'll say one thing. They confuse the mess out of me.

3. Watch out, but all of a sudden Dallas is right in the thick of things. They took care of Seattle yesterday, and are on a three game win streak. QB Tony Romo is playing the best football of his career, three straight games with 8 TD's and 0 INT's. HUGE matchup this week for Sunday Night Football: Dallas vs. Philadelphia. Gonna be a good one.

4. Arizona. Good? Bad? Who knows? They beat the Giants in convincing manner last week then got whooped up by the Carolina Panthers yesterday. The NFC West is about as bad as it gets.

5. Speaking of the New York Football Giants. They were 5-0, running away with the division, and looking better then their Super Bowl Championship year of 2007...three weeks ago. Now, they look average. Is Brandon Jacobs still on the team? Oh, thats right, he got paid. This team needs to do some soul searching or something or they are going to be a very overrated and underachieving team.

6. Brett Favre...there I said it.

7. Baltimore and Denver was the most intriguing match-up of yesterday's games. I was very curious how these two teams would play each other based on Baltimore's recent slide and Denver's surprisngly great start...turns out, it wasn't much of a game. Baltimore smoked Denver.

8. Better watch out for Miami, they could do a little something this year. Beat the Jets twice, and are now on a roll. Be interesting to see what they can do with a tough slate of games coming up.

9. The Colts, are in my opinion, the best team in football. I know, I know, the Saints are great, but I think the Colts are better. They won yesterday and they weren't supposed to. Going through some adversity is good for a team, and they went through adversity and still won. Very dangerous.

10. Tonight's game...Saints 30 Falcons 20.

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