Saturday, November 21, 2009

NFL Week 11

Alright football fans...Here is my preview for Week 11 of the NFL season...
1.Miami vs. Carolina- I'll be Miami will beat Carolina 24-17. Ok, the game was played Thursday, I'm a little late on it. But did you see Ricky Williams?!? Wow, he looks like he did when he first came into the league.
2.Indianapolis vs. Baltimore- I'm going with the Colts here. I said it a few years ago, I will pick the Colts in just about every game until they show me they can't win alot of games anymore. I'm assuming that will be when Peyton Manning retires. So until then, Colts win.
3. Washington vs. Dallas- Is this game still one of the best rivalries in football? Probably not, but I can guarantee you, it's still a big rivalry to the teams involved and the fans. Washington would love nothing more then knock Dallas down a little bit more after the Cowboys laid an egg last week in Green Bay. Dallas on the other hand is probably very happy to be home for a two game stretch. The stretch is also "on-paper" pretty friendly since they play Washington then Oakland on Thanksgiving. So, since it's not December yet and Dallas really is not a bad team I'm going with the Cowboys. Cowboys win.
4. Cleveland vs. Detroit- UGGHHH. Do I have to explain anything about this game? It's two of the worst teams playing for the first overall pick. I guess I'll pick the home team...Detroit wins.
5. San Francisco vs. Green Bay- For the second straight week, the Packers get a 90's style playoff rival at home. They took care of Dallas last week, and I'm pretty confident they take care of the 49ers this week. One interesting storyline for this game is the Aaron Rodgers vs. Alex Smith matchup. In 2005 there was a big debate as to which one of these guys would go number 1 overall. Alex Smith went to San Fran. and Rodgers plummeted to #24 to the Pack. Both QB's don't really care, there is no rivalry. But this could be a good game filled with defense. I'm picking the Packers in this one. Packers win.
6. Buffalo vs. Jacksonville- Right off the bat, I'll say it. Jacksonville wins. Maurice Jones Drew is playing lights out. Buffalo's run D is getting it's lights knocked out of them. There is no reason for MJD and Co. to lose this game. Buffalo is coming off a rough week after firing head coach Dick Jauron, so I'm assuming the whole franchise is in a state of chaos. This was easy for me to pick. Plus. very quietly, Jacksonville is in the playoff hunt. Jacksonville wins.
7. Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City- Pittsburgh all day. With or without Polamalu, the defense will take care of the Chiefs. Pittsburgh wins.
8. Seattle vs. Minnesota- OK, first off let me say this. I am not crazy. I don't know why, but I have a weird feeling about this game. Before I publicly humiliate myself let me explain my reasoning. I really don't think Seattle is that bad of a team. Julius Jones being out is actually a good thing for the Hawks. Justin Forsett might be better...might. Seattle's defense is up and down, so for them to win this game they have to play up this week. Minnesota is due. They have been cruising through the season. This is around the time we should see Brett Favre start to fall apart. Ok, honestly none of my reasons are good reasons but I just have a gut feeling, and I ALWAYS follow my gut....Seattle wins.
9. Atlanta vs. New York Giants- Feels like forever since I last saw the Giants play. It's been even longer since I've seen them win. Atlanta's Michael Turner is doubtful which will hurt the team alot. I'm picking the Giants. They are a desperate team coming off of a bye. I think this could actually be a blow out, Tom Coughlin has something special lined up for the Falcons. Giants win.
10. New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay- Tampa has about as much chance at winning this game as this blog does of me writing alot about this game. New Orleans win.
11. Arizona vs. St. Louis- I love how the Rams are playing for their new coach Steve Spagnoulo. They are playing hard, they just are not a good enough team to win alot of games. They will be in a few years though. With Spags coaching background and connections I'm very confident in his drafting abilities. He will turn this team into a winner. As for this game? Well, I picked Seattle to beat Minnesota, so I'll go on ahead and do it. St. Louis wins.
12. San Diego vs. Denver- Game of the week. The 6-3 Broncos bring their 3 game losing streak (do the math, 6-3, 3 game losing streak, yep, they started 6-0 and have lost 3 straight) to the game while the 6-3 Chargers have 5 of their last 7. This game is for first place in the AFC West, and in my opinion is probably for the division title and a playoff spot. I like the Chargers in this one, I think the Broncos have lost their magic. Plus Kyle Orton is out, and that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for Chris Simms being the back-up. Chargers win.
13. New York Jets vs. New England Patriots- Remember way back in week 2, when Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan made a big deal about the Pats coming to New York and the Jets won and that was the last we all heard of them? Well, that's all I really need to say about this game and the Jets season. The Patriots will stomp the Jets. I don't think this game will be close. Patriots win...big.
14. Cinncinnatti vs. Oakland- Hmmm, (I'm looking for a storyline), I guess the best reason to watch this game is for the possibility that the Bengals could "unleash" Larry Johnson, whom they signed earlier this week. Cedric Benson is out, Jamarcus Russell was benched. The one thing I have to say that may mean this game might actually be close, is that all season the Bengals have played up or down to their competition. So, beware Bengal fans, could be close. But, I'm going with Cincy. Bengals win.
15. Philadelphia vs. Chicago- This Sunday Night Football game puts poor Jay Cutler back on prime time where he has thrown a million interceptions. The Eagles are riding low on a 2 game losing streak. They need this game, especially if Dallas and New York win earlier in the day. I think they do it. I really don't think Chicago is that good this year. They need WR's and a defense...oh, and an OFFENSIVE LINE to protect Cutler. I'm going Philly. Eagles win.
16. Tennessee vs. Houston- I really really like this Monday Nighter. Tennessee is 3-0 with Vince Young at the helm. Houston is quietly getting things done and trying to get in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. This is probably the toughest game to pick. Titan's RB Chris Johnson is playing the best football in the NFL. He should run all over the Houston defense. But Matt Shaub and his high scoring offense should do something against the Tennessee defense. I really am having a hard time picking who is going to win this game, so when I can't decide I don one of two things. Follow the gut, or pick the home team. My gut isn't really telling me a whole lot. I'm going with the home team. Houston wins.
17. Check back on Monday for my weekly installment of "The Day After Yesterday" where I'll re-cap all the games and see how my picks went. Enjoy!!!

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