Thursday, November 12, 2009

Storylines Week 10

Here's the "supposed to be weekly" storyline for week 10 in the NFL....
Chicago vs. San Francisco- This thursday night matchup places two teams struggling to find their way up against each other in a game not many people will watch. The NFL Network had a really good commercial for this game showing clips of former Bears LB and current 49ers head coach Mike Singletary intertwined with 49ers current beast LB Patrick Willis. Obviously head coaches have coached against their former teams before, so the fact the Network used that as an attention grabber shows that this game doesn't have a whole lot of sexiness.
Cinncinnatti vs. Pittsburgh- If it wasn't for a few other good matchups this would be THE game to watch this week. The Bengals are 4-0 in the division and Steelers are riding high after dismantling the Broncos on Monday night. The obvoious storylines are the massiveness of this game on the AFC playoff race and AFC North division race. I for one can't wait to watch this one.
New England vs. Indianapolis- This game is the real reason I wanted to write this. This game for the last decade has been the best rivalry in the NFL. The two best QB's in the game in Tom Brady and Payton Manning have been shooting it out with each other since both have been starters together. The Colts are 8-0 and playing on another level then most teams, and it seems Brady and Co. have re-gained their mojo and are starting to look like the 2007 team that lost only one game. If you don't watch any games this week, at least watch this one. It's a Sunday Night Football extravaganza, so no excuses.

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