Monday, November 16, 2009

The Day After Yesterday...Week 10

Just some things I noticed from the NFL games on Sunday...
1. The New York Jets remind me of a TV show more then a football team. So much un-due hype surrounds this team. QB Mark Sanchez wrote a speech before speaking to the media after yesterdays 24-22 loss to the Jags. The speech reminded me of a award acceptance/thank you speech. Rex Ryan will surely come up with another lame excuse as to why the Jets went from being very overrated to...well...not rated at all.
2. As for this season, I will not being talking about the Bungles. Instead I will say the AFC North leading Cinncinnatti Bengals. The Bengals beat the Steelers 18-12 in Pittsburgh to strengthen their neck hold on the division. For those keeping score, the Bengals (THE BENGALS?!?!?) are 5-0 in the division which includes the defending Super Bowl Champion (Steelers) and AFC runner up Ravens. What a turn around. This team is fun to watch, and I am officially interested to see what they do in the playoff.
3. Well, Vince Young is 3-0....?
4. The free fall for the Broncos continues. They lost to the very lowly Washington Redskins 27-17. They also lost QB Kyle Orton. Chris Simms is looking like the starter for now, which probably won't help the cause. Both the Skins and Broncos have big games next week. The Skins play NFC East leader and bitter rival Dallas Cowboys. I'm sure they would love to knock them off their high horse. The Broncos suddenly are not running away with the AFC West and are facing a tie with rival San Diego Chargers, who by the way they play next week.
5. Looks like the Cardinals are going to take care of the NFC West....maybe...we'll see, no team deserves to win that division in my mind.
6. After filling the bandwagon with plenty of people last week in Philadelphia, the Dallas Cowboys laid a huge egg in Green Bay, losing 17-7 to the desperate Packers. This game had ugly written all over it. Dallas was obviously unprepared. Tony Romo was sacked 5 times. Marion Barber had one second half carry. Jason Garrett needs to figure out what kind of team he wants to run. Because the play calling was atrocious. Wade Phillips better figure out where he wants to work next season, because his lack of ability to prepare a football team for a game is apparent. On the bright side, the Packers survive another week in the playoff hunt.
7. What happened to Philadelphia?
8. Holy smokes. Did you watch that New England vs. Indianapolis game last night? Instant Classic. One of those games that NFL fans will remember for a long time. Time and time again it seemed the Colts were done. Brady and Co. had their way up and down the field. But Manning Inc. found a way to get it done. They fought and stayed in there. But seriously, what the hell was Patriots coach Bill Belichek thinking? 4th and 2 from your OWN 28 YARD LINE. And you go for it? I'm sorry, I don't care who the QB is, who the team is, how the game has been punt there every single time. Every. Single. Time. Belichek is a cocky coach who has always gotten away with being "different." This time his cockiness came and bit him in the rear-end. He out coached and out smarted himself. He deserved to lose...On the other hand though, the Colts are 9-0 and looking like a Super Bowl team.
9. Tonight's game? Well, first off I am highly disappointed that the Browns have a Monday Night Game. Second off, The Browns might put up a fight. Playing at home. Brady Quinn back at QB. The Ravens struggling a bit lately. Could be closer then most think. With that being said though, Raven 24 Browns 17.
10. Head coaching openings after this season (my predictions): Washington, Dallas, Carolina, Chicago, Green Bay, Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, San Diego, Oakland...that's a lot of spots for just a few of those legendary coaches supposedly coming back.

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