Friday, November 20, 2009

College Basketball

It's early in the season so I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert, but here are some things I think about some of these college basketball teams.
1. Defending champion North Carolina, is a very good year. This year they are a good team, with tons of talent and potential. But tunrovers are a huge problem. The one thing you can guarentee from this team is this: they WILL get better as the season goes on. Maybe even make some noise in the tournament. Tyler Zeller, the Wear twins, and Ed "Old School" Davis look like some real playmakers. Jury is still out for me on whether or not Larry Drew II can fill the huge holes of Ty Lawson, but I can truly see another championship in this team's future. As for now though, #4 is way to high of a ranking.
2. Syracuse's Wesley Johnson will be a very very good player...this year in college, and in the Pro's. He just looks like a natural talent. He bleeds all-star. I am looking forward to watching this kid.
3. Kansas is obviously the #1 team. It actually might not even be close. They are an experienced old (old in a good way) team. That being said though, this team goes as Collins goes. But, I think he goes far, so Kansas will go far.
4. Kentucky, like UNC, is ranked high only because of who their coach is. I think Kentucky is overrated the same way I think UNC is overrated. I'm sure though that once John Calipari gets his team the way he wants it, Kentucky will be a very good team. So, I'll go on ahead and do this now..the 2011-2012 National Championship will be North Carolina defeating Kentucky.
5. My prediction for THIS year? a long shot.
6. I'm looking forward to watching this year's season move on so I can have more opinions with more logic. Until then...enjoy!!

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