Friday, November 20, 2009

College Football

I just wanted to say a few things about the College Football world, since now we are starting to get into the home stretch.
-Florida vs. Alabama in the SEC Championship game is pretty much the National Championship game...unless your Texas.
-I like Texas as the one and only opportunity to knock Florida, Alabama, and the SEC off its high horse. Even though it is mostly unlikely, I think that Colt McCoy and Co. have a good chance a beating one of them should they get into the Big Game.
-Take a look at the Top 10 BCS rankings. Sans the top 3 (Florida, Alabama, and Texas), the rest of the top 7 are somewhat surprising, historically speaking...TCU, Boise State, Cinncinnatti, and Georgia Tech are fairly new to the BCS game. Of course, Ohio State, LSU, and Pitt are in familiar territory.
-Speaking of Boise State, I honestly feel that one year they will get their shot at a National Championship. They need to keep going about their business, hope the top teams faulter in one or two games, and hope for a little love from the BCS Computers. Who knows, maybe in the next two or three years we will see a Boise State vs. Oklahoma wouldn't that be fun?
-What happened to USC? Are they in a rebuilding year? I didn't think USC was ever supposed to be in a rebuilding year. The Armor is dented, and in some place completely broken. There are some upstart schools coming up in the PAC-10 including Oregon that want to remain at the top. USC better get that chip off their shoulder.
-This weekend is Ohio State vs. Michigan. Even though Ohio State is constantly overrated, and Michigan is in a Great Depression, this game is still the highlight of the weekend whenever it's on. There are hospitals in both Michigan and Ohio that wrap newborn babies in keepsake blankets the week of the game. This rivalry is up there with UNC vs. Duke Basketball, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Cowboys vs. Redskins, and Lakers vs. Celtics. It's a must watch every year.
-Finally, my prediction for National Champion: Until someone beats them and stops Tim Tebow I'm going with Florida, every day, every game.

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