Saturday, October 24, 2009

Conversation Starters

1. Game five of the ALCS could be the turning point in the series between the Yankees and Angels. It was an instant classic, and could be the kinda game that gives the Angels some momentum...of course they will have to win the last two in the Bronx.

2. A Yankees vs. Phillies World Series is good for fans that are fans of those teams. No one else. I hate in order these three cities sports: 1. Boston 2. New York 3. Philadelphia, so for me a Yankees Phils World Series will be almost as bad as the Yankees vs Marlins World Series from 2003.

3. ESPN's College Gameday could be the best pre-game show of all sports. The set up is brilliant. The way they go to a college campus every week with the fans and clever signs behind them is great. Lee Corso is a little bit too much but overall I love watching that show on Saturday mornings.

4. Who is the best running back in college football? Alambama's Mark Ingram. No question.

5.Who is the worst team in the NFL? Does it matter? The bottom five teams are some of the worst teams the NFL has ever put together.

6. It still boggles my mind that Tampa Bay didn't spend more in free agency. The team is so bad I can't help but wonder that fans are thinking the same thing. They had so much room under the cap, they could've bought probably 3 of the top 5 guys in free agency...including Albert Haynesworth (although it's probable a good thing now, the guy plays half of the time).

7. I heart Jim Zorn

8. I'm tired of hearing that this weeks Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh game is a "possible Super Bowl Match-up." No it is not. One, Pittsburgh does not have the same swagger they did last year. Their defense doesn't have the same presence. They really too much on Big Ben to carry them, which I'm not convinced is a good idea yet. Two, Minnesota has a 40 year old at QB. I know Brett Favre is playing great right now, but does he really have what it takes to play an entire regular season and then three to four extra games in the playoffs? He couldn't even do it last year. So even though I think it will be a good game this week, I'm not buying the Super Bowl hype.

9. For what it's worth, my pre-season prediction of Super Bowl participants was either Giants vs. Colts or Giants vs. Patriots...I don't remember, but regardless if it's Giants vs. Pats that means that once again we will have two of the top three cities of sporting teams I hate.

10. November 1 will be a day when all professional sports will be played. How cool is that? NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and a few others. I read an article about it. I think it's a good thing.

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