Thursday, October 22, 2009

Various NFL Storylines

Alright, so here is an in depth look at some intriguing storylines for this week's NFL games. If I miss any feel free to comment on them.

San Diego vs. Kansas City- Any division game is worth a mention. This AFC West matchup puts the highly overrated and underachieving San Diego Chargers against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are coming off their first win of the season. Hard to believe, but I think Kansas City has a chance to put two wins in a row together. San Diego is falling apart before our very eyes, and it's a pretty much gurantee that next season' team will look very, very different from this years team. Those changes probable include a new coaching staff, a defense without Shawn Merriman (who seems to have worn out his welcome), and maybe a Ladanian Tomlinson-less backfield. This could be the "straw that breaks the camel's back" game for the Chargers.

Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh- Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin, got his job from the tremendous job he did while coaching the defense in Minnesota a few years ago. It will be interesting to see how the Steelers offense operates against the stingy Vikings D, seeing as how some if not most of the personell on the defense are the same as when Tomlin was there.

New York Jets vs. Oakland- The Raiders' Richard Seymour promised this week that the Raiders would make the playoffs...this year! After beating Philadelphia last week following New York Giants LB Antonio Pierce's comments that playing the Raiders was like a "scrimmage" is it possible we are now seeing inspired play by Oakland? The Jets are struggling. Rookie QB Mark Sanchez, even though he started 3-0, has not put up impressive numbers (especially last week...he gave credit to Buffalo for catching HIS passes!!!), so maybe this is the perfect opportunity for New York to get back on track...then agains maybe it's the perfect time for Oakland to put a winning streak together and make some noise in the AFC.

Chicago vs. Cinncinnatti- Cedric Benson. Fourth overall pick by the Bears in 2006, then ran out of town three years later, he is running with avengence this year. You can bet he circled this game on his calendar when the schedule came out. He says he does not have any ill will towards the team, but c'mon...they never gave him a fair shot and his tenure there was rocky to say the least. I'm looking forward to seeing how he looks with the ball in his hands.

Philadelphia vs. Washington- This MNF match-up is good on paper because it is an NFC East game. Those games are almost always good. The Redskins are literally on their last breath. The Eagles are coming off an unfathomable loss to the Raiders. Both teams are fighting for something different, but with the same goal: Beating a hated divisional rival. This game could be closer then most expect.

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