Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 6 Preview

What I want to do with this here bloggy blog is do a weekly preview of the big games in the NFL. I'm only going to do the big important games because quite frankly, I don't care about St. Louis vs. Jacksonville. So...on with the show!

New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints- Easily the game of the week. Both teams are 5-0. Both teams have things to prove, and obviously it's the Shockey Bowl I. The Saints offense is obviously one of the best, if not THE best. Drew Brees is playing like the MVP of the league. But during the off-season, something happened. The Saints got a defense. Uh-oh. These guys are good. Good enough to stop the Eli Manning and the Giants? Yes! The Saints look like one of the more complete teams in the league. What about the Giants though? These guys aren't too shabby either. They may be the most complete team in the league. Manning is playing fantastic, leading a very good offense without Shooter McGavin (Plax). Remember a few years ago when people thought Eli just wasn't going to get it done? The two headed monster of a running game is turning heads as well with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. Plus, the Giants defense is again, really good. That pass rush, you may remember has been known to stop pretty potent offenses (Remember the Super Bowl?) and since the team is hurting in the secondary, that pass rush is going to need to come up big to stop the weapons the Saints have. My guess? Only since it is in New Orleans I go with the Saints 30-24.
Denver vs. San Diego- When the schedule first came out I wondered why this was a Monday Night game. I thought the Chargers were going to run away with the AFC West while the Broncos sat in the bottom for the next ten years. But my, my, how wrong I was. The 5-0 Broncos (WHAT?!?!?!?) are playing the best football in the NFL while the Chargers are struggling and seem on the verge of a major breakdown. So this MNF matchup is very intriguing. Broncos QB Kyle Orton, is playing good football leading his offense to five victories. But to be honest that is not the story of the Broncos. Orton played well for Chicago, so no one should be surprised. The surprise of the whole season is that the Broncos have the number one DEFENSE! After years of sitting in the bottom of the rankings, this defense is FOR. REAL. Mike Nolan transofrmed the team to a 3-4 scheme and added Brian Dawkins from Philadelphia. These two things, in my opinion is why this defense is so good. The 3-4 has helped Elvis Dumerville lead the league in sacks with 8 (tied with Cincy's Antwan Odom) and Dawkins is the emotional leader of the team. The defense is legit. The Chargers on the other hand are struggling. Their defense is under-performing, the once imposing running game is looking bleak, and the coaching is again questionable. I sometimes forget that LaDanian Tomlinson is even on the team! Also, there have been rumors flying that LB Shawn Merriman might get traded. Just wait though, there is only one thing that cures all these problems: Winning. With a division rival coming to town, what better way to get things back on track? That is why I am going with the Cha-Cha. San Diego wins this game and it might not be as competitive as you may think...Chargers 27, Broncos 17.
Chicago vs. Atlanta- This game has playoff preview written all over it. One of these teams could win their division or both could end up with the two wildcard spots available. I like both of these teams too. Good young QB's, good running games, and good coaching. I can't help it, I have a man crush on the Bears Jay Cutler, and Atlanta's Matt Ryan. Cutler has been on my fantasy team for 3 years straight. When it comes to this game though, I'm going to go with the home team Falcons, and only because they are at home. The Falcons for some reason are under the radar but sitting pretty at 3-1 and the Bears are the same. Both teams are behind in the division but a win on Sunday would be huge in gaining ground since it's possible both division leaders could lose. My pick...Atlanta 26, Chicago 23.

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